About Shannon

Shannon Powers is a freelance editor and publishing blogger, which she comes to after working as a literary agent at McIntosh and Otis, Inc. She began her career in publishing as an intern in 2011, and then went on to intern at The Book Report Network and W.W. Norton & Company. Other stops along the way included work experience in PR and social media and community outreach for a PA land trust. She has also worked as a bookseller.

Outside of the professional world, Shannon is an avid reader (duh), proud Slytherin, washed up softball player, amateur runner/gym rat, music and theater fan, struggling cook, sometimes writer, city cyclist, Spanish speaker, occasional globetrotter, animal lover, and outdoorsy person.

Among her many interests are iced coffee, gritty Americana, organizing things, the way light looks at the bottom of a swimming pool, decorating other people’s apartments, purple, plotting the downfall of her enemies (jk, jk) and secrets of all kinds.

For info on her editorial services, visit the Editorial page.